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  • Has playing your guitar become more frustrating than fun?

  • Are you overwhelmed when deciding what to do next with your guitar?

  • Has your progress as a guitarist become stagnate and dissatisfying?

  • Do get you get nervous and fumble when you play for other people?

  • Do you desire to play for others and have them wish you would never stop?

  • Are you passionate about learning how to play guitar to your full potential?


What Is It About Guitar That Makes Learning To Sound Great So Difficult


“I have a guitar but I’m not that good at playing it.  When I first got it, I was so motivated to learn and to have a great relationship with my instrument.  So I bought a book, started watching YouTube lessons, and even learned a few things from my friends.  I learned a few things, but I’m nowhere near the level I was hoping to be by now.”


 “I only play on a rare occasion and I usually play the same thing again and again, while running into the same hurdles again and again, resulting in me wanting to lock my guitar away and never see it again.  I thought that I had potential to really do this, but it seems as though all of my attempts are futile.”


 “Sometimes I buy gear to get things started again, but even with that, I am not actually improving as a musician.  I love music and the guitar so much, but it feels like I don’t have the talent and may have been wrong about my potential.”


 You Aren’t Wrong About Your Potential.


In fact, I used to feel this way about my playing as well.  I would hear music and become inspired to to play. However, I found that creating the sound I wanted was a huge challenge.  I wasn’t alone.  Other people in my life were running into the same issues and frustrations.  I could never figure out how to do what the guitarists I loved were doing.


 I didn’t know the right chords, scales, or techniques. Even if I did, I wasn’t sure how to actually use them.  I couldn’t recreate the amazing sounds that turned me onto guitar in the first place.  I deeply wanted to jam with others, make my own band, write and record my own songs, and become the musician that everyone loved and admired.  I knew that doing this on my own was never going to work, so I sought out help.



Guitar Lessons Logan Square


However, My First Guitar Teacher Taught Lessons Much Like I Was Teaching Myself:



  •  It was more frustrating than fun

  • There was no set plan

  • There were no clearly set goals

  • There wasn’t any passion or belief I could succeed

  • There wasn’t enough security or support in my development

  • There was no proof that what I was doing would actually work

  • It wasn’t frequent or consistent enough


 Through years of trial and error, ineffective teachers, stops and starts in my progress, and endless frustration with myself, I finally found answers.


 Those Answers Are The Foundation Of What We Do Here At Guitar Lessons Logan Square


With Guitar Lessons Logan Square You Will:


  • Blast through the barriers that have been holding you back

  • Install the habits of the world’s top musicians

  • Have fun through the entire process

  • Have a plan in place that will guarantee your success

  • Feel rejuvenated and motivated after each lesson

  • Finally play the guitar the way you hoped and believed you always could


Guitar Lessons Logan Square


Right now, I want you to picture yourself playing to your full potential.  What would you do?  Create a fantastic band? Write and record and album?  Create your own YouTube covers?  Impress your friends and family? Rock the house at open mic nights?  Relax after a day of work by playing and sounding awesome?  There are so many ways that playing guitar and feeling GREAT about it will enhance your life, but it first starts with YOU taking the right ACTION!


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Guitar Lessons Logan Square